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Get New Customers FAST with Social Media Giveaway

One of the easiest, yet successful tactic to get more people to come in and try your food for the first time is to offer free food. However, handing out free samples to anyone who walks by your restaurant will cost you a lot of time and money. Instead, give away gift cards.

This way, you can control your investment in promoting your business. Not only it will give new customers a chance to visit your restaurant and try your food, this will also help promoting your restaurant, increasing your brand awareness, as well as bring in additional revenue stream. A recent study show that 72% of customers end up paying more that the gift card amount; and on average the recipient will spend 20% more that their gift card value. Chances are good that if customers like your food, they will come back again and again and bring their friends/family. 

Let's get started! 

Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, is the most efficient platform to interact with your existing followers and engage new followers. The most common giveaway campaign tactic is a referral contest which participants are rewarded with extra entries for tagging the giveaway with other people. This will help you generate massive social engagement, build up your social followers, and attract new customers.  

It’s recommended to run a giveaway campaign every 3 months to keep new customers coming into your restaurant. The only cost to you, the restaurant owner, is the food. The number of NEW customers you get will definitely outweigh those expense and will certainly yield higher revenue and profit in the long-term.    

Still can't decide how to start? We are here to help. Let's get connected and discuss how we can help setting up your social giveaway campaigns to bring in new customers and grow your revenue.

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