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7 Simple Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales with Digital Marketing

The restaurant industry is highly competitive. Unless you have a star chef, chances are you will have trouble standing out from the crowd. Plus, the era of waiting for customers to accidentally discover your restaurant had come to an end ages ago. It's time to activate digital marketing strategy and turn it into your competitive advantages to attract new customers and retain the loyalty ones.

1) Invest in a Professional Website

90% of internet users do research online and visit restaurant websites before eating out; therefore, unique, beautiful, mobile-friendly and function website helps increase chances to attract new customers by allowing restaurant’s owners to use unique content to tell story and showcase food to build trust and bring in customers to increase sales. 

2) Offer Online Ordering

Recent study found that restaurants offering the online-ordering service were able to grow their takeout revenue by an average of 30%. If you own a restaurant, online ordering should be a central part of your website. With online ordering, you’re giving more customers more opportunity to conveniently order your food right from their computers, smartphones or tablets. You might also win sales because you have online ordering and your competition doesn’t. Plus, your online ordering can be integrated with your Point of Service (POS) which means no more wasting time to key in each order into your POS and you can minimize human errors. 

3) Embrace Social Media Marketing 

Nowadays, Facebook and Instagram is necessary for restaurant businesses because these platforms allow owners to create and maintain their own communities through photos, videos and promotions to engage loyal customers and keep them coming back and spend more at their restaurants; and reach out to customers which lead to new revenue stream.

4) Implement Online Advertising

Online advertising is a powerful tool for restaurants because it provides the ability to target consumers using a variety of criteria, keywords and locations. If a hungry user Googles ideas for their next meal, online advertising is the best way to get your restaurant website to show up on the first search results page and have an opportunity to increase sales by connecting with consumers who are actively using search engines.


5) Start Sending Marketing Emails

Restaurants’ competition is fierce, if you want to succeed, you need a way to get more people into your restaurant like using email marketing. With the growing use of smartphones and easier access to email inbox, email marketing is not just highly relevant but a crucial element for restaurants. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and get them engaged and keep coming back to your restaurant through updates, events, and personalized offers. 

6) Optimize Google My Business

Google My Business listing allows restaurant owner to manage interactions with customers and present accurate business information (website url, telephone number, hours, online order url, etc.) and updates to potential customers searching out for local restaurants. Customers use Google to do research for local restaurants, it’s crucial to make it easy for them to find your restaurant and be willing to spend money with you instead of your competitors.   

7) Utilize Yelp Business

It’s undeniable that consumers rely on Yelp to get information about nearby restaurants. Even if you have a Yelp page for your restaurant, you might not be taking advantage of everything this platform has to offer to increase sales and connect with customers like regularly post photos of your food, ambiance and location to grab potential diners’s attention and response to customer feedback which will make it evident to other potential customers who view your Yelp profile that you appreciate your customers and care about their satisfaction. 

Interested to boost your restaurant revenue by utilizing digital marketing?

Let’s connect! Our professional team at Solution Box 360 is ready to assist you with all aspects of your restaurant’s operations and marketing to help you grow business, revenue and profits. 

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