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4 Easy Ways to Get into the Halloween Spirits and Increase Sales

Halloween is a fun holiday. Most people might think of it as a day for children, but in fact, two in three adults feel Halloween is a holiday for them. Hence, it’s another great opportunity to be festive and playful as well as increase customer traffic and boost up some sales. Below are some ideas to get you into the Halloween spirits and attract more customers:

Costume Contest Who doesn’t love a customer party? Halloween is one night that everyone gets a chance to dress up and be whoever they want. Hosting a costume party and a contest will certainly attract customers to your restaurant on a Halloween night. More customers = more $$$. 

Trick or Treat Basket Besides good food, customers love a good deal. Incorporating a little game into their dining experience will not just amplify their positive dining experience but also make it memorable. You can have a host passing around “Trick or Treat” basket in which customers can win a prize like 20% off coupon, free soft drink, free beer, free dessert or a gift card.

Halloween Special Drinks Use some imaginations, be creative and offer drinks that are available only on Halloween night to give customers a solid reason to try and spend more at your restaurant on a Halloween night. It can be as easy as “Bloody Mary” cocktail, Glowing Tonic, or Black Sangria.        

Free Treat People love free stuff. Since most people are more likely to dress up on Halloween night, you can attract them to your restaurant by offering free stuff like a free drink, appetizer, or dessert (with entree purchase) for anyone that comes in wearing a costume or even a colors black and orange.   

Whether what you decide to do on Halloween night, it’s important to start promoting early, especially through your social media accounts, your own Google Business profile, as well as the restaurant’s monthly newsletter to ensure your restaurant gets noticed by both regular and prospective patrons. 

Don't know where to start? Call us and let's discuss the most effective strategies to boost up your revenue during this Halloween and how to start promoting right away.    

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