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Boost Your Restaurant Sales With Social Media

We pretty much all agree that having a strong social media presence is critical in operating a winning restaurant. Why is social media important? The obvious answer is that it is a way to communicate with your customer base, to promote your business to potential new customers, and to increase the frequency of existing customers’ visits which means more orders and more sales.

If you already have social media presence, let’s take a look at some ideas to use social media to boost even more sales for your restaurant.

1) Post Photos of Your Food Regularly

An image of tasty dish is registered by the brain faster than any words can. You’re in the business of food, and food is extremely visual. This is a huge opportunity for you! Be sure to post your food photos regularly, but ensure that you maintain good photo quality. Likes, comments and follower growth often equates to increased sales revenue, as these people may actually come in and spend money at your restaurant rather than your competitors. 

2) Collaborate with Influencers/Food Bloggers

Whether they’re serving over-the-top indulgences or healthy, organic food, there’s no denying that food bloggers and influencers have worked their way into the hearts and feeds of millions of people. As more and more diners rely on food bloggers and influencers’ recommendation on where to eat, if you can get a food blogger (or many of them) with a large following to post about your restaurant and your food, you will get the benefit of a huge amount of brand exposure to an interested foodie audience and for sure, a new revenue stream for your restaurant.

3) Share Exclusive Offers/Run Contests

Posting coupons, discounts, buy-one-get-one deals or run a contest on social media will help encourage existing customers and new customers to drop in. It’s recommended to share social-exclusive offers or run a contest on your Facebook/Instagram account once or twice a month to entice customer new and old and urge them to share about your business. This tactic is not only simply drive in revenue for you restaurant, it also allows you to measure the success of social media and how much revenue it bring in.

Can social media help increase sales for the restaurant? YES! First, you need the right platform and the right target. Then, the right person to get the job done and know how to measure the success. 

Don't know where to start?

Let's get connected and discuss how to start implementing the right strategy and strengthen your social media presence to boost your sales today!  

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